Expocnc.com is maintaining and published by me, Chatura Dinesh Halwatura. The main purpose of this web site is to document about my DIY CNC projects, publish and share new innovations based on CNC technologies. I was born in Sri Lanka and came to United Kingdom few years ago to study my Masters degree. Currently I am living in the United Kingdom and working as a Senior Web Developer.

I always wanted to innovate something new and love to make things in my free time.

When I was a child, I was always thrilled by looking at the moving parts of desktop printers. These amazing machines are having variety of gears, stainless steel rods, motors, sensors, rubber bushes, nuts and bolts etc. I dismantled my old used printers and used these printer parts as spare parts for my hobby projects.

These printers are having unique step by step controlling mechanism. For example paper feeding, paper jam detection mechanism etc. In those days I was thinking, if I can control devices like desktop printers with power of computer technology I could innovate something new one day. Now I understand desktop inkjet printer is a 2D CNC machine and it’s driven by its microcontroller with embedded firmware.

I started to learn microcontroller programming few years ago by keeping this desktop printer technology and its controlling mechanism in my mind. With this knowledge now I am able to write programs to control hardware devices, which means now I can build some useful automated machines. This knowledge helped me to do research and involve in automation within robotics fields.

I am also interesting to learn CAD, CAM, CAE and CNC related technologies. The knowledge of these technologies is really important for me to build something new.

I found that 3D printing is an enjoyable and productive experience in my life. I have built my own 3D printer few years ago which is based on open source Reprap project.

I also managed to build DTG (Direct To Garment) printer by hacking the existing controlling mechanism of a desktop inkjet printer.

The combination of power of CNC technologies allows me to explore new things. Main purpose of this blog is to share my latest innovations and latest technologies based on CNC, among the community.

This gives me a lot of freedom to think about innovative ideas and learn new technologies.

I love to do research based projects. If you would like me to get involved and share my knowledge for your CNC based projects or get interact with my social channels please follow these links.