3D printing technology can be use to manufacturing glass like objects. In this process, it’s converting a powdery substance via a heating process into a solid form is known as sintering. Some existing 3D printers are already using laser technology to create very precise 3D objects from a variety of powdered plastics, resins, metals like materials. Sand and solar energy are widely available natural sources in the desert environment. With combining those natural sources, it’s possible to make glass like objects and using almost 100% free energy and sand as raw material. If the sun can produce enough heat rays to melt sand to the melting point and allow to cool, when it’s solidifies it become a glass like object. The 3D objects being the exact physical counterparts of the computer-drawn 3D designs entered by the designer.

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In this article I need to share my experience with first homemade 3D printer. I have used Arduino as a main controlling electronics and followed Prusa i3 design to build my own custom 3D printer.

I love to do some experiments in my free time. As a hobbyist, maker, and an inventor; a 3D printer is a very useful device for my experimental projects. Because, this awesome machine can print small parts, prototype objects very accurately. If you are a maker or an inventor I would recommend you to invest some money to owe this useful machine. Building plans for these machines are now available as an open hardware designs. If you could spend reasonable time to study these open hardware plans, you can build your own custom 3D printer. If you watch my YouTube video, there you will see my custom built machine. I have named my machine as Expo3DBot. Looks nice name isn’t it? You can find the couple of free open source designs available on RepRap web site. I have built my 3D printer few years ago by following Prusa i3 open hardware designs. However I have customised my printer as I needed. I would say,  this lovely useful machine unlocked my  major barrier to the technical world. This machine helped me to print some useful parts for my experimental projects.

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I am sharing my personal experience on this blog post for 3D printing lovers who ever had frustration to recover partially printed 3D parts.

I am a big fan of 3D printing. So I decided to build my own 3D printer which was based on opensource Prusa i3.  When I was building my printer,  I found that the LCD controller(RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller) can displaying useful additional data on the screen and of course it was considerably large in size. I was excited to use this LCD controller for my 3D printer.

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