How to export Fusion 360 model to STL file format

You may need to find out how to export Fusion 360 model to STL file format after you creating your 3D model with Fusion 360. It is useful to 3D print a prototype version and analyse your model before it sent to mass production. If you can identify any issues with your solid 3D printed prototype model, you can correct any design issues and you can save time and resources.

The STL file format native to the stereolithography CAD software created by 3D Systems. STL short form is Standard Tessellation Language. This file format is widely supported by many other software packages. STL file format is native to the 3D model objects. It is widely used for rapid prototyping and computer-aided manufacturing.

When you need to export your 3D model in to 3D printer friendly STL format, fusion 360 allows you to select body level, component level or root level from your 3D model.

For an export to 3D print your 3D model follow the steps given bellow. This allows you to convert your modeling into a .STL file, defined by a mesh of small triangles.

Steps to follow to saving STL file format,

  • Right click on the component you want to convert to STL file format.
  • Then click on “Save As STL” from pop-up menu.


You can do further customizations such as refinement quality, surface deviation, normal deviation, maximum edge length, aspect ratio under “SAVE AS STL” exporting dialog box.


If you click on check box under “Send to 3D print utility” section, you will be able to export pre-installed programs like Auto desk Mesh Mixer or installed printer to your computer. Autodesk Mesh Mixer is really nice handy tool for customizing STL files. I will write another post explaining how you can customize STL file from Mesh Mixer.

Now you can use your exported STL file with favorite slicer program such as slic3r or Cura to generate 3D printer friendly gcode. Again I will explain this another blog post.



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