Enabling the future bionic hand fabrication – submission video script

Hi, I am Chatura Dinesh Halwatura. I am from Sri Lanka. Currently I am living and working in the United Kingdom as a Magento ecommerce developer. This is my submission video for enablingthefuture.org to become an approved volunteer as a 3D print bionic hand fabrication. For this submission I have selected Phoenix V2 bionic hand design. I downloaded this 3D model from Thingiverse website.

Then I scaled up 120% by the original design and did couple of test prints to verify the printing quality. Finally I assembled all the pieces together and it came out as a really beautiful functioning bionic hand.

Here is my 3D printed Phoenix V2 bionic hand. As you can see this hand printed good quality and surprisingly rock solid. All the joints fit nicely and fingers attached very solid. This hand can handle a bit of stress but occasionally may  need to replace parts or rework since it’s printed using easily available plastics.

I used PLA plastics to print this initial hand. However, later I will experiment different materials like ABS, PETG and FLEX materials.

I want to demonstrate the way how this hand can picked up things

As you can see this hand did not fit silicone finger tips grips. I did order fingertip grips, but it’s came bit large to my 120% scale hand. I may be able to use these for larger hand.

Issues and challenges

I found few issues on this 3D print fabrication. I hope you can see a bit of under extrusion top of the palm section. However this is not weaken my 3d printed palm section. Because I printed this hand using 35% infill and 2 perimeter outer shell. I wanted to verify if this is the problem with 3D model it self, my slicing program or my 3D printer.

I printed another palm with the same settings on the slicing program. It came out really good result without any under extrusion. So I believe something happened on the z-axis height or plastic extrusion during the initial print.

Also I found some issues with fishing lines I ordered from Amazon. Even this hand functioning properly, these fishing lines needs to replace with bit strong and thin diameter.

Devices use

I printed this bionic hand using Prusa i3 MK2 3D printer. This is really good 3D printer. Also  you can customize this printer to achieve best print quality. For example I did fitted silicone sock on the hotend and calibrate PID settings to achieve best temperature management in the hotend. This gave really good printing result. I printed second palm after calibrating my 3D printer.

Currently I have two 3D printers.I really want to print something really useful things using my 3D printers.

Close up pictures

Here is some close up pictures taken for this hand.

3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-1 3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-2 3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-3 3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-4 3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-5 3d-printed-prosthetics-hand-6

Further enhancements

Overall this hand came out very nicely. I wanted do some experiments to enhance the features of this hand. I am willing to contribute the enabling the future community and let me know what you think about this bionic hand.

Thank you for watching this video.

3 thoughts on “Enabling the future bionic hand fabrication – submission video script

  1. Hi Chatura,

    First of all happy new year!
    Chatura I’ml really impressed by the quality of this hand.
    I’m a newbied in 3D (waiting to receive my Prusa I3 MKE in february).
    My son is born without the right hand and he would like to have a 3D hand. I suscribed to enable and waiting to be contacted. I will try to start buidling it by my own and would like to ask you the link to get this hand from thingivers I did not find the bionic design of the phoenix V2.
    I’m living in Paris and would be great if we can get in touch in case I need help 😉

    Again well job and you can contact me on my mail aechchab@hotmail.com

    1. I am happy to help you. I can provide all the STL files and maybe I can print bionic hand for your son if you don’t have a 3D printer. I have downloaded STL files from Thingiverse. But some reason some files were not able to print. I had to fix those STL files using Autodesk Meshmixer.

      Following is the link I downloaded.


      I’ll contact you with given email address.

  2. Hi Chatura, thanks a lot for you reply. Sorry for my late reply but for some reason your reply using expocnc get sent to my Junk mail.
    It would be great if you can send me the STL files that you corrected. I ordered a 3D printer from Original Prusa but they will start shipping it only by end of February.
    So far I took picture from my son hand and tried to use blender to find the appropriate scale to have the 3D hand fitting for him.
    Having you printing the hand would be wonderful ! 🙂

    Please let me know on wich email adress I can contact you.
    Thanks again I really appreciate.

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